Professional wastewater services in North Queensland

Wastewater Consultants has been providing specialist water services throughout North QLD since 2005, offering expert solutions for customers in the domestic and commercial sectors. We’re committed to providing environmentally friendly wastewater solutions, services and products that are both affordable and effective, so you can always trust our experienced team to do a fantastic job.
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Wastewater Treatment

At Wastewater Consultants, we supply and install only the most reliable and effective wastewater treatment and recycling systems and work closely with renowned suppliers in the industry, including Everhard Industries.

With 85 years' industry experience, Everhard Industries is one of the best in the field, supplying products including:

  • Septic tanks
  • Pump wells
  • Aqua Nova treatment tanks
  • System accessories
Contact us today to discuss your wastewater treatment options, ranging from primary systems utilising septic tanks and trenches through to secondary and advanced secondary Aqua Nova systems and the new Advanced Enviro-Septic "AES" solution. 

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NQ Drain Doctors

Our expert workmen are Telstra-accredited and use the most up-to-date equipment to inspect and clean drains, including a hi-tech CCTV drain camera, along with mainline tractor and push rod surveying units. Call us today for effective drain cleaning solutions you can trust.

Drain cleaning involves the use of:

  • High-pressure water jet rodding truck and trailer units
  • Powerful Super Sucker vacuum trucks
  • The latest trenchless technology
Our Super Sucker vacuum truck associated with our NQ Drain Doctor division can also perform a range of cleaning and pump out services at competitive prices. 
We can pump:
  • Septic tanks
  • Treatment tanks
  • Grease Traps
  • Gross Pollutant Traps
  • and more!

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Our Services

As a specialist water solutions company, Wastewater Consultants is licensed and approved to carry out:

  • Installing domestic and commercial water treatment systems
  • NQ drain doctor services (drain cleaning/CCTV solutions)
  • Servicing and maintenance for water treatment systems, as required by council regulations 
  • Onsite soil testing
  • Assessments and reports
  • Plumbing and drainage works
  • Consultation and advice to effectively manage one of the world's most valuable resources

As a locally owned and operated family business, Wastewater Consultants provides friendly and efficient services, with fast turnaround times guaranteed.

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Expert Team

To ensure the very best level of service, we employ only the most reliable and skilled workers at Wastewater Consultants, with staff sourced locally from the Tablelands and Cairns regions.

All of our employees are fully trained and qualified in their respective fields and we encourage ongoing professional development to keep skills and knowledge up to date.

Our team are also trained to handle all tools and equipment to a high standard and adhere to all the relevant workplace health and safety requirements.

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Everything Water

At Wastewater Consultants, we’re concerned with ‘everything water’, which means we work with everything from wastewater to drinking water.

With quality services, expert advice and effective solutions guaranteed, we have more than 10 years’ industry experience and are committed to doing a reliable job every time.

We provide onsite inspections and free quotes for our customers’ convenience, and can also work after-hours upon request for your ultimate satisfaction.

We’ll work around whatever suits your schedule to ensure that you get the services you need at the right time.

Water-Related Products

Working in conjunction with industry suppliers such as Orange Pumps and Aquacorp, we can provide all types of water-related products, including:

  • Bore pumps
  • Pressure pumps & systems
  • Submersible pumps
  • Farm irrigation and accessories
  • Filters, systems and accessories

We can also carry out expert tests on domestic and commercial recycling systems (sewerage and grey water) and develop more effective managment solutions as well as offer services and maintenance at affordable pricing. 

To date, we have a number of such systems under testing throughout Australia and with various local government organisations. 

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